FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – It used to be easy. Search the classifieds for a job, send out your resume and wait for a call back. Or try to get your foot in the door through a contact. Now companies are getting tech-savvy looking for potential employees.

A survey from Jobvite — a recruiting software company — claims 92 percent of U.S. companies use social networks and media to find talent in 2012 — up from 78 percent 5 years ago.

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So using social media in the job hunt seems to be a no-brainer — but which sites are the best?

“LinkedIn is probably the best when it comes to an aspect of social media because it’s a business social media. It’s more business than it is social,” says Anthony Beshara with Dallas-based Babich & Assoc.

LinkedIn is also a great place to get spotted.

That same Jobvite survey found 93 percent of hiring managers search the site for candidates and 89 percent have made at least one hire through LinkedIn.

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Just make sure your resume and LinkedIn profile match.

Beshara says that’s one of the most common mistakes his clients make.

“At least three or four times a week, we’ll have a company say about our candidates, ‘Gee whiz, we’d like to interview the guy or gal, but the LinkedIn profile doesn’t match the resume.’”

Facebook is another platform recruiters are scouring for talent.

Sure it’s your personal page — but remember employers are not only looking at what you post, but judging it as well.

“You gotta remember when you are looking for a job, people hire you or consider you, especially in this job market for very little reasons,” says Beshara. “And they’re looking for just as many reasons not to hire you as they are to hire you.”

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So it’s best to avoid social sins.

Thou shalt not talk about drugs, alcohol, or sex on social media.

Thou shalt not use profanity or poor grammar — which to recruiters is a graver sin than drinking.

And thou shalt hesitate before trying to “friend” a potential employer.

“If you’re in a millennial type of business or something that’s out in the trenches or a consumer kind of thing, marketing, advertising, things like that, may be a good idea,” advises Beshara. “In most traditional businesses, probably not a good idea.”

Obviously, social media doesn’t guarantee you a job.

Beshara says a face-to-face meeting is key.

“If you can get in front of people by tweeting them, God bless you, amen, go for it. But realize the face-to-face interview is what’s going to get you hired. Your tweets aren’t.”

Finally, be sure to have a professional email address for prospective employers to get in contact with you.

After all, who’s going to take you seriously if your email is

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