FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Jennifer Gerst is a proud Obama supporter.

On Sunday, she shared that with her neighbors in Fort Worth.

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Gerst put up her Obama sign and then 25 minutes later she added another kind of sign.

Her handmade signs reads, “Every Time You Steal or Deface My Obama Sign, You Give His Campaign Eight More Dollars.”

“We see people stop and kind of look and read,” says Gerst about her sign.

She put up the sign after her husband witnessed three men running out of a pick-up truck towards their Obama sign.

(credit: CBS 11 News)

“They were heading straight for the Obama sign and he ran out and if they were packing heat, we would have been in trouble. They saw him on the porch and they jumped back in and went the way they came from.”

Gerst say she’s paranoid because friends have had their signs both stolen and defaced over the last several weeks.

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She says she’s fed up.

“I was so aggravated that they stormed my sign I was just ready,” says Gerst. “Found my blue marker and went to town.”

She says she wanted to make a statement and make sure her sign served as a deterrent.

“I have the right to put up this sign. I would never steal someone’s sign if it said Romney,” says Gerst.

Fort Worth Police say stealing a sign is the equivalent of getting a traffic ticket and would be considered theft under $50.

Defacing one could be considered criminal mischief and depending on the circumstance.

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