ROCKWALL (CBS 11 NEWS) – A fight between two girls inside Rockwall-Heath High school was captured on video Wednesday.

The fight broke out around nine in the morning, after an exchange in the cafeteria over what one of them was wearing.

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One of the girls involved is speaking out, saying the fight was caused by bullying and she’s tired of it.

The video, posted on students’ Facebook pages, shows a girl in a pink top going after a much thinner girl in a white hoodie.

The girl in pink swings with her left and then follows up with several quick right jabs.

The girl in the hoodie falls back. But, she gets up again and fights back, pushing the girl in pink backwards in the hall.

The girl in the white hoodie is Kierra Perry.

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She said she’d had enough.

“It was built up over time. And, I just got tired of people bullying me,” Kierra said.

Her mother, Tammie Perry, said, “I was very upset, very angry, very frustrated, furious.”

In the fall, Tammie Perry says her daughter was so depressed over bullying, they sought help for her at a mental health facility.

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