INDIANAPOLIS (AP) – The latest figures from the NCAA show that football and men’s basketball players are graduating in record numbers.

The annual Graduation Success Rate figures, released Thursday, show both sports hit an all-time high based on the one-year measurement of freshmen who enrolled in 2005-06.

Men’s basketball players made a six-percentage point jump over the freshmen class of 2004-05, hitting 74 percent. Football players were at 70 percent, up from 69 percent last year.

The NCAA’s overall four-year measurement, covering freshmen classes from 2002-03 through 2005-06, was 80 percent, matching last year’s record.

The one-year numbers compiled by the federal government remained steady at 65 percent, two points higher than the overall student body. There is a difference in the overall numbers because the NCAA figures include transfer students.

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