(credit: Arezow Doost/CBS 11 News)

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – Several people were sent to the hospital after a minivan crashed into a house in Fort Worth.

The two-vehicle crash happened on Evans Avenue, near Seminary and Intersate-35.

Homeowner Anna Murillo said a pickup ran the stop sign at the corner and hit a minivan. The impact of the crash sent the minivan into the side of her house.

“We were having breakfast in the kitchen and we heard like the bang of two cars, running into each other. I heard a bang against our house and the lights kind of went out,” she recalled.

Murillo was inside the house feeding her baby grandson. Her teenage son, Daniel Murillo, was in his bedroom — exactly where the van made impact. “My son was screaming and that’s when I knew they ran into our house. I just screamed for him. He just came out of the room screaming, ‘my back, my back,’” she said.

After being treated and released at a local hospital Daniel told CBS 11 News, “I had my back against the headboard. The headboard was right down that wall. I felt a push, [the van] pushed me towards this way,” he said pointing outward.

Initially Murillo said there wasn’t time to deal with injuries, because there were other issues. The minivan also hit a gas meter. “Our first thought was get out of the house, because the gas was coming out. I thought it was gonna explode.”

Atmos Energy was called and a crew quickly arrived at the scene and turned off gas service until the meter can be repaired.

In addition to 19-year-old Daniel Murillo, the female driver of the minivan and four children inside it with her were taken to the hospital. The van driver had been babysitting the children that were with her. None of the injuries were serious, but Daniel knows how bad it could have been and said he is grateful. “It was someone watching over me, because that was my life and everything.”

Members of the Murillo family said they’ve seen car crashes at the intersection before, but that the vehicles usually land in their yard — not their home.

Fort Worth police say the driver of the pickup truck will be cited for running a stop sign.

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