My husband is putting up our Christmas tree this weekend. I’m not kidding.

In fact, ten bucks says I’ll come home and garland will also be wrapped around our banister.

Yes, it’s only November 2nd. Yes, we broke a record high 87 degrees outside today.

But Papa Korn says he “feels cheated” by the short holiday season this year.

(What short holiday season is that, exactly?)

I guess I should be grateful he didn’t put it up on my birthday. Oct. 16th was his original plan.

Plus, what the heck–with the kids all grown up and no basketball tournament until tomorrow, what else is there to do tonight?

For the record, I will hold off hanging the Christmas wreath until Thanksgiving, just so the neighbors don’t think we’re even weirder than they already think we are.

I may even post a picture for proof.

Wow. I’m kind of excited to drive home now.

Happy Weekend, everybody.

And Merry Christmas!

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