NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – So many do so much to honor our veterans, but this just may be one you’ve never heard done. A group of North Texas Marines have planned a mission. They are going to read the name of every veteran lost in conflict, aloud, on a single day.

The list won’t just consist of Afghanistan or Iraq veterans. The names of veterans from the Vietnam War, WWI, WWII and every conflict dating back to colonial times will be included.

Former Arlington Marine Brandon Blackstone says the plan for his group is simple. On November 11, Veterans Day, members of the group will read the names at 600 locations across the country.

The group has already amassed one million names, and is working with historical organizations, even, to gather even more.

Finding the 600 sites hasn’t been easy for Blackstone and three other Marines. So far they have 250 locations, 25 of them right here in Texas.

Blackstone is a member of “The Fight Continues”, an organization that provides peer-to-peer counseling for vets. As a Marine, he sustained a brain injury, which still causes him to have seizures, after his Humvee went over an antitank mine in Iraq.

Blackstone says he knows the struggle of veterans firsthand, but also feels the pull to do more for those who didn’t make it home.

With Veterans Day just days away, the group still hopes that universities, schools, and VFW Posts will come forward and consider hosting a reading. But members say even if they fall short quitting isn’t an option.

Click here if you’d like to host a location or volunteer to read names on Veterans Day.