By Robbie Owens

GREENVILLE (CBSDFW.COM) – A 15-thousand dollar reward is being offered for information in the murder of a Greenville teenager. Alicia Moore, 16, disappeared from a bus stop last Friday. Her body was found along a rural road a few days later.

A memorial of balloons and teddy bears continues to grow at the bus stop where Alicia was last seen alive, as do the concerns of parents who live nearby.

Tomunda Benford, who helped rebuild the memorial to Alicia after it accidentally burned overnight, says she is not sleeping at night.

“The person that did it could have been in the crowd last night. The person that did it could be looking at us right now,” she says. “You don’t know. We just have to be careful and look out for one another.”

Greenville police have made no arrests for the murder, but released a statement which says, “Our first priority is finding Alicia’s killer. We are using all of our resources to investigate this tragedy and to find the person or persons responsible.”

Police have been sharply criticized for not launching a search sooner. They say tips are coming in, and some local business leaders and a family friend are offering up cash to help generate more.

CBS 11 has confirmed the Van Zandt District Attorney subpoenaed video from a security camera at a gas station in Wills Point, where Alicia’s body was found discarded in a trunk. Police are hoping that video might show a vehicle carrying the trunk.

Mark Cobb, who works with Alicia’s aunt, started a reward fund of five thousand dollars. Two of his former colleagues are offering another ten thousand.

“I’m hoping that someone will see the reward, and they’ll want to step up and offer the information that’s gonna help bring this criminal to justice,” says Cobb.

CBS 11 has confirmed that Terry Dwayne Ramsire, 49, was arrested in August for sexually assaulting Alicia. According to a city spokesperson, he was incarcerated at the time of her murder.

Funeral arrangements for Alicia have not been finalized. Donations for her family are being collected at American National Bank.

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