WYLIE (CBS 11 NEWS) – A U.S. Navy Sailor from Wylie came home and surprised his kids tonight.

The kids were watching a Veterans day program at Grove Elementary School when their dad became an unexpected part of the celebration.

The Malone children, Giovanni, Maelyne and Aliyah, ages 6, 9 and 11, were watching images of servicemen on a screen when the screen went blank and started lifting up.

There in 3-D was US Navy Sailor Brandon Malone, their dad.

Giovanni ran to hug him first. The girls followed. They hadn’t seen their dad in six long months.

Maelyne, the nine-year-old, cried and wouldn’t let him go.

She wasn’t the only one in the crowd with tears in her eyes.

Senora Malone, Brandon’s wife, said, “It was overwhelming. It brought tears to my eyes because I knew they have been missing him and so have I.”

Senora kept her husband’s arrival top secret.

“I’m married to a military person. I know how to keep a straight face,” she said.

The school was in on it too. In fact, Senora says, it was their idea in the first place.

But Senora, who had to hide her husband for a day, thought it was worth it.

“To see them react like that, I knew I had done something really cool. Mommy points. Yes!” Senora said.

And for this sailor welcomed home?

“Just a jaw dropping moment. Money can’t put a price tag on that at all,” Brandon said.

The kids already have plans for what they want him to do with him.

Maelyne said, “He can help us and mommy get the work done!”

Brandon said, they’d also work in some play time.

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