BURLESON (CBSDFW.COM) – Fort Worth is Cowtown, Dallas is Big D and now the City of Burleson has a moniker of its own.

The “Kindness Matters” signs are posted on virtually every corner, on every marquee, in the windows of shops and in front of homes.

The entire city of Burleson is wearing a brand it doesn’t want to call its own exclusively – they think the matter of kindness is a message worth spreading.

Middle school students Haley Hostetler and Camile Rasor are on board. “We started thinking, that’s going to help,” they agreed out loud, remembering how the message began. “If we do it, then it will start a chain reaction and other people will start doing it. It’ll go everywhere.”

The Burleson Independent School District wanted deeds, along with words. The Kindness Matters campaign is tied to the district’s efforts to curb bullying.

The campaign started with Burleson ISD, but other parts of this community are part of this campaign as well. The Mayor, Fire Marshal and other city leaders participated in a Kindness Matters video, produced by workers with the local hospital.

In the video Fire marshal Stacy Singleton admitted that he had a rough time when he was young. “Back in high school I was a short person and so I was picked on quite often. That kinda made me run from class to class and at times I was afraid to even go out in the halls.”

Centennial High School football coach Kyle Geller said bullying is like a poison. “Being part of a football team you have to care about each other and if there’s bullying going on in the locker room or out on the practice field it’s something that’ll tear your team apart.”
Burleson Mayor Ken Shetter offered young people some advice. “If you see someone that’s being bullied, if you see someone that’s being picked on, just go sit with them and be their friend. It’s the most important thing you can do,” he said.

Young people are also being encouraged to get someone else assistance by not being afraid to find an adult they trust and letting them know that someone needs help.

More than 100 Kindness Matters signs can be found throughout the city.

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