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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Deion Sanders jumped on 105.3 The Fan’s New School with Shan & RJ on Wednesday to warn his critics and state his case for Prime Prep Academy, his K-12 private school in Dallas.

The school has come under fire since its inception, and a district ruling last month left three highly-touted basketball transfer students ineligible for the coming season after allegations surfaced that the players were illegally recruited. The decision was made by the District 11-3A executive committee, which in Deion’s opinion, is a fundamentally flawed group.

“The board, which is compiled of the coaches and administrators of the schools that you’re participating against – now how stupid is that,” said Sanders.

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Sanders takes particular offense to reports by a local Caucasian journalist, saying that “he seems like he is the African American killer. Its always something against a brother, and that bothers me.”

Sanders believes the school has done nothing wrong and has in no way violated UIL rules. In fact, the school took precautions to ensure they were complying with the rules from the start.

“We brought in UIL months and months before we even opened the door. All the higher-ups at UIL,” said Sanders. “We’ve never had a problem with UIL. Our problem was with the local DEC – the schools we’re getting ready to compete against. That’s where our problem remains.”

Sanders notes that most students of the school don’t even participate in athletics, and the relative size of the school’s football team illustrates this perfectly.

“We have 34 kids in the whole football program. Does that sound like recruiting?”

His goal, as it always has been, is to get students to college. He points to the school’s free tuition, use of technology, and excellent faculty as the primary reasons students flock to the school. In fact, he believes it’s the best educational opportunity available in the area.

“Wait ’til we get our test scores and you see what these kids score on their tests,” said Sanders. “In the same place that you gave up on those kids, we’re going to change it.”

The fight is just beginning, according to Sanders. But in time, he believes his school will be vindicated, and those who are resisting his progress will ultimately be exposed.

“We have a lawyer that’s getting ready to tear some butts up, because a lot of things that were done to our institution were done wrong because you dislike me,” said Sanders. “It’s gonna be a lawsuit. If you’re dirty and you’re in DISD [Dallas Independent School District], you better clean up your drawers, because we’re going to find it and we’re going to expose you.”

Though he believes the school is doing things the right way, he understands that his critics will remain. And he knows exactly why people target him in particular.

“I provoke change; I change things. I shed light on right; I shed light on positivity.”

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