DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A diabetic woman who has been missing since Friday when she decided to drive herself from North Dallas to the emergency room at Parkland Hospital. 39-year-old Hiraina Asoau never arrived.

Her family and friends say it is completely out of character and worry that something bad has happened. Her husband is keeping his phone by his side but he is afraid to answer it.

“Sometimes I’m kind of scared to answer the phone call, it might be the last call,” Tauoa Asoau said.

Her friend Jerri Taylor says family and friends have been trying to find Asoau.

“We’ve called the police departments, hospital and we haven’t been able to locate her,” Taylor said.

Taylor and Asoau have been friends for 26 years.

“I think she either posted online and police have been trying to track any credits transactions, ” Taylor said.

Fylers have been posted online and police have been trying to track any credit transactions.

“That’s my heart out there, you guys would feel the same thing too if you lost somebody,” Asoau said.

Asoau’s husband says his wife was excited about starting a new job this week and spending the holidays together.

“I know Thanksgiving is coming up but there’s only two things I’m going to give thanks for. God my heavenly father and the second thing I want is to see my wife’s face.