By Steve Pickett

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Dallas Independent School District teachers may be more in need of a holiday break than most workers.

Teachers are now required to work an eight and a half hours a day instead of seven hours and 45 minutes.

Alliance AFT, the largest association representing Dallas teachers, says the extended workday is taking a toll and it is ready for a change.

The association claims the complaints are not focused on the extra time, but what teachers are required to do with it.

“I think many have seen this is not getting the results intended, once it was passed,” says Alliance AFT President Rena Honea.

The extended work schedule, which is 45-minutes longer than most school districts, is filled with meetings and mandates, according to an on-line teacher survey.

Less than one in four survey respondents believe the extra time is directly related to student attention and improvement.

“Ninety eight percent of the teachers indicate they are discouraged, exhausted, and ready to leave the district,” says Honea.

A plan to eliminate the extended work schedule is now under consideration by school board trustees. The issue is up for a vote Thursday, November 29.

Trustees initially wanted to ensure teachers worked an eight-hour day.

Teachers argued they always worked at least eight-hours a day. They say the new policy requires more busy work and leaves less time for students.

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