PLANO (CBS 11 NEWS) – Documents obtained by CBS 11 show the Plano Independent School District had concerns about a man who is now accused of indecency with students involved in his mentoring organization.

Deandre Douglas, 22, is the leader of the group “Teens Inspiring Youth.”  He was arrested earlier this month, accused of indecency with a 13-year-old boy and exposing himself to a 17-year-old male last summer.

According to an email from 2010, sent to a PISD assistant superintendent, there was concern about Douglas’ presence at a district football game.

The security official noted that Douglas, known as DJ, was “behind the stands talking to middle-school aged boys and not in the stands watching the game.”

“It’s becoming apparent that if you give him an inch, he’ll take a mile,” says the email from Joseph Parks, PISD Security Police Services Director.

“On a side note, DJ’s signature block includes ‘founder of T.I.Y., Inc.’  I did a search on the Texas Secretary of State website and there is no record of any such entity nor of Deandre Douglas having such a corporate filing.

PISD officials declined an on-camera interview regarding the email.

The district did issue a statement Thursday claiming it was not aware of Douglas’ teen mentoring organization until recently.

“In late October 2012, campus administration discovered that Douglas was involved in the non-curricular club “Teens Inspiring Youth.” Within days of making this discovery, campus administrators met with several club members to advise them that they should discontinue their association with Douglas.”

PISD says it never had any official relationship with Douglas’ mentoring organization and told him he could not initiate a student mentor program in its schools.

Authorities allege that Douglas would troll Plano parks soliciting troubled kids to join his organization as a way to work off community service and was even recommended by the city’s municipal court.

All this was after PISD expressed concern about his behavior.  His arrest affidavit says on one occasion he was in a Plano apartment “showing his (genitals) to 10-13 year old boys and telling them to touch.”

The family of one of the alleged teenage victims says “Plano has just pushed it underneath the rug in an effort to be able to say how safe Plano is.”

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