DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – At first blush, you may laugh at the idea of makeup for men, but it’s the fastest growing segment of the beauty industry.

Made-for-men skincare products and cosmetics are expected to hit more than three billion dollars by 2016, a more than 15% jump from this year.

Jack Black, a Carrollton-based company, specializes in men’s skin care.

Curran Danduran says she founded the company because she saw an unmet need for the guy’s guy looking for personal care products.

“You see the cover of Men’s Health, Men’s Journal. Men are seeing a lot of the ideal of how a man should look and there’s a lot more pressure to have a great body, to have great skin, to take care of his hair,” says Danduran.

Men’s beauty brands are taking up serious shelf space with everything from anti-aging lotions, moisturizers to lip balms and grooming products.

Sephora at Northpark Mall in Dallas even has a whole section devoted to men’s products.

“Usually they come on their own and they’re a little sheepish when asking questions or they’re ‘I’m looking for this’ but they’re really like ‘I need this to help out my skin cuz i don’t know what to use,’” says Masimo Gonzales, Sephora beauty advisor.

In Dallas, you’re more likely to find guys scoping out the beauty aisle than anywhere else in texas. At least, according to makeup artist Jeff Roose.

“They’re more metrosexual here. They wear a little bit more hair product, maybe concealer, maybe self-tanner,” says Roose.

The beauty of the products is the “m” word is never used.

You’re going to see and hear masculine names like “beard lube,” “the core collection, and “cool fix.”

An added bonus to great skin, these kinds of products give men an edge in the workplace and in their personal life.

“Women’s expectations are changing too. I mean they expect their man to take care of their skin and be well-groomed,” says Danduran.

Today you can even find subscription based beauty services for men like Birchbox.

For a monthly fee, samples of grooming and lifestyle products are sent straight to your door.
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