McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – A McKinney animal sanctuary is in the middle of a desperate effort to save dozens of pets left without a home.

On five acres in McKinney, Lori Birdsong owns a sanctuary for dogs and cats unwanted by pet stores, shelters and even their owners.

She took a total of 70 animals, and while there’s no shortage of generosity there is a shortage of revenue. “I’m a big fat failure. What we built didn’t work.”

Birdsong has been forced to sell the property and place or euthanize the pets in 30 days.  “We have no donations, we have no adoptions.   Our dogs and cats go to Petsmart every Saturday and Sunday and they come home every and Saturday and Sunday back to the sanctuary.”

These are the big, old, ugly and dogs and cats that would have been euthanized by now if not for this sanctuary. But they are still lovable and adoptable even though time is running out.

Dedra Shaver cares for the animals that show their gratitude every day. “I didn’t take these dogs in to see these dogs euthanized. My blood sweat tears every ounce of my bones doesn’t want to leave any of them behind.”

She and Birdsong hope to find owners willing to overlook the imperfections and give their misfits a home for the holidays and for the rest of their lives.

If you are interested in adopting one of the dogs or cats, go to or to the linens for animals facebook page.

The sanctuary will donate $100 to a rescue organization for every adoption.

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