McKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – Police and residents in McKinney are on the look out for arsonists. Over the past couple months, they’ve hit more than a half dozen times. Each attack is becoming more brazen than the one before.

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These incidents started with someone setting some leaves on fire. One of the most recent victims woke up to her car on fire in front of her house.   “It’s definitely a rocky road I have to get through,” said Jessica Mozzone.

After someone set her car on fire, all that was left was an ash colored, melted mess.   “I relied on that vehicle to get me around,” she said.

That vehicle was once a black 2008 VW GTI.  “I loved it. I drove it everywhere,” she said.

Someone set set it on fire November 17th with a flammable liquid and a road flare.   All that’s left now is the black spot on the street in front of her house.

She’s been renting a car since then. She’ll have to give it up soon but she hasn’t found a car she likes enough to buy.

“I’ve gotten sick over it. You know. Just the whole thing. Just having to imagine somebody would do that to a person or persons. Just made me sick,” she said.

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Police say, someone has been setting fires in McKinney the past two months, nine so far.   “It’s out of control,” said McKinney Deputy Chief Kim Malolepszy.

Deputy Chief Malolepszy read the list of incidents:

“The two car fires November 17th. Leaves beside a shed November 12th. We had a detached garage on November 8th.  Pile of firewood November 12th. Flag and pole November 19th. Our concern is the potential to harm somebody,” Deputy  Chief Malolepszy said.

No one’s been hurt yet. But the incidents are becoming more brazen.  “It could be the same people. The locations are random. We do have a feeling it’s probably juveniles,” said the Deputy Chief.

Whether they are juveniles or adults, they clearly don’t care what they damage or who they hurt with their crimes. “I still can not believe it,” Jessica Mozzone said.

McKinney police are hoping someone has seen or heard something and will give them a call.

They’re also hoping a $5,000 Crimestoppers reward will motivate someone to make that call soon.

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