By Jeff Ray

Yesterday it 70°, this morning temperatures start in the 60’s.   Don’t think this mild December weather is going to continue. In fact, it won’t even last the day.

A powerful cold front arrives mid-day to the metro area. It will bring with it strong cold winds, the first look at snow this season and the first hard freeze for the metro area. All this happens in an 18-hour period as we go from t-shirts to winter coats in that very abrupt Texas-weather-way.

If you are involved in the Dallas Marathon (formerly called the White Rock) there is good news. This transition to bitter cold arrives in the afternoon. In fact, a very warm morning is in store for us with cloudy skies, south winds and slight chances of showers. There is a chance of storms as the day goes on but most of this activity will be east of the metro area.

Sunday Morning

As the front moves over in the early afternoon temperatures will start to drop due to very strong north winds (gusting up to 30mph). We’ll be in the mid-50’s by the end of day.

Sunday Evening

The temperatures will continue to drop, all the way to freezing in the metro area by Monday morning. An upper level system swings over north Texas early Monday. This is going to bring some snow despite the fact there is not much moisture to work with:

Snow Outlook Monday

The ground will be too warm and the snow too light for the roads to be effected Monday morning in the metro area. If there will be a dusting of snow Monday it will likely be just in our northwest corner. This is the forecast as it looks this morning, it will likely be adjusted as we draw closer.

It will be around 32° at DFW that morning, the first time we’ve hit that mark this season. The winds will be out of the north at 15-20 mph producing a wind chill only in the teens. Winter coats, hats and gloves will be needed!

I suspect the clouds will clear as the day goes on Monday. Highs will only get in the low 40’s with a brisk north wind starting to diminish by early evening.

By Tuesday morning we’ll be in the low 20’s; a hard freeze and the end of the growing season over all of north Texas.

Tuesday Morning

Temperatures will get up into the upper 40’s Tuesday afternoon. We’ll be in the 50’s on Wednesday after another very cold start (in the 20’s again).

So last weekend in the 80’s, this weekend in the 70’s, next weekend in the 60’s as we count down to the official start of winter on the 21st.