FORT WORTH (CBS 11 NEWS) – Thousands of people are expected to head to the Will Rogers Memorial Center in Fort Worth this weekend.

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Most will be scouring booths at The Original Fort Worth Gun Show for guns worried laws will change.

“We are the biggest in the Dallas – Fort Worth area,” says organizer Tim Finucane.

He’s not only expecting a big crowd but a lot of first timers.

“We’ve been getting a lot of phone calls this past week from people that tell us that they’ve never been to a gun show before,” says Finucane. “They want to come out and make a purchase, and they are concerned about whether they can do that in the future.”

Demand is so high that prices have soared over the last few weeks.

“We have seen the prices just walking around looking at tables. We have seen prices go up from what they were a few weeks ago,” says Finucane.

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At the Lone Star Gun Show last weekend, also at Will Rogers, the most popular booths had semi-automatic weapons on display like the AR-15.

James Gilcrease from Mansfield was at that show and builds custom AR-15’s.

“A lot of price gouging,” says Gilcrease. “You are seeing standard guns about $600 to $700 dollars. They are trying to sell for $2600 to $3,000.”

Even at the Military Gun Supply shop in Fort Worth, semi-automatics are going fast.

Most customers say they go there because the prices haven’t spiked.

“I think people know that people are getting guns,” says gun owner Brian Ridgway from Fort Worth. “It’s supply and demand.”

Organizers say the best advice they can give is to shop around and negotiate before you buy anything.

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