DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – It’s called ‘Lights All Night,’ but it’s been more like ‘noise all night’ for unhappy Fair Park neighbors.

The concert event has been drawing thousands of people to the area, but it has also drawing a lot of neighborhood complaints.

The crowd of more than 20,000 loves the multi-stage event featuring some of the world’s top DJ’s, but the music is also reaching the ears of people as far as three miles away who have been trying for three days to turn it down.

Sue Ellis made another futile 911 call to complain about the noise and vibrations Monday.  She says the music has disrupted her life since Saturday.   “The drums and the bass were almost constant, it was literally vibrating the houses.”

The booming bass comes from speakers exactly three miles west Ellis’s home in the Parkdale neighborhood of Dallas.

Fans at the concert say the electronic drumbeats are music to their ears. “Bass in your face, that’s what it’s all about,” says Denise Mojica, who came in from San Antonio for the event.

Dallas Police say they have received numerous noise complaints but will only say they are monitoring the situation.

That’s despite a Parkdale neighborhood Facebook page full of complaints from homeowners such as “Yeah it’s loud” to others who say they have been unable “to watch a movie or enjoy conversation” and one who says it even “vibrated her car.”

Even the loud dogs around Ellis’s home fight to compete with a sound that residents would rather replace with silence.

The good news for upset neighbors is the festival ends just after midnight, But the bad news is their constant complaining has apparently fallen on deaf ears.

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