With apologies to Colonel Henry Blake.

As we dive into the year 2013, the sports landscape in D/FW looks incredibly dreadful. Cowboys ended with a resounding thud again. I’m not sure what the Rangers are doing but so far it’s horribly misguided. The Mavs look like a lottery team for the first time in a decade. And the Stars have yet to take the ice. But in about a month we will get to racing again as the NASCAR dudes take to Daytona. I’m counting days until the big April race at Texas Motor Speedway.

I see where linebacker/murder suspect Ray Lewis is hanging em up. I’m amused as to the newest sports debate, who was better…Ray or Lawrence Taylor. C’mon folks. That’s really not even close. LT by a wide margin. Both are first ballot Hall of Famers. Both were dominant. But LT was singular. He forever changed the linebacker position.

Constantly wondering. What exactly is a ‘cottage industry’? And explain what a ‘bedroom community’ is? A ‘king’s ransom’ is how much? And who is ‘Katie’ and why did she ‘bar the door’? All have baffled me in the past few weeks.

Czar Jerry promises changes and uncomfortable times at Valley Ranch. Not sure what that means. Jason Garrett is going nowhere. Tony Romo will have another encore next season. The exchange rate seems pre-destined. Maybe more clocks and hard hats on the wall. Or perhaps no A/C during hot summer months. Bring it Czar.

Not sure when I’ve been more pissed off at a government issue. So explain to me why we are ‘gifting’ Egypt 20 F-16 fighter jets and 200 Abram tanks? As pitiful and embarrassing as our job front and economy are, we are just ‘gifting’ over $600 million worth of military hardware? To that unstable situation? Let’s help our own first. I urge you to please write your local congressmen and voice your displeasure.

MLB will take center stage in about a week. Hall of Fame voting for the class of 2013 will be announced. This is the first year that the PED royalty will be eligible. Raj Clemens. Barry Bonds. Sammy Sosa. This will be interesting. We will see in vivid details what kind of nuts the voters have. Prediction…none of the above mentioned get in this year.

TRIVIA TIME. Which celebrities will turn 50 this year? You’re gonna be shocked. A list down below.

I am sporting a beard these days. Not sure why, just having fun. And just so you don’t have to ask or ponder, yes, I dye it. I use ‘Just for Men’ once a week. If I didn’t, it would be completely gray. And my tremendous vanity and ego won’t allow it. Now ya know.

Josh Ham gone. Napoli outta here. Mike Adams to the curb. Mike Young now in Philly. The hot stove season started off with a lot of speculation and bravado. But so far has been a colossal failure. Missing on useful free agents. No trades. Only minor adjustments. Pitchers and catchers report in about a month. We shall see if Nolan and JD can right this ship. Otherwise, beware of icebergs.

Books I am currently devouring. “Life” by Rolling Stone guitarist Keith Richards (how he’s alive is a medical marvel). ‘Chosen Soldier’ by Navy SEAL Dick Couch. And a fascinating read entitled ‘Deadly Secrets’ by Warren Hinckle & William Turner. A startling look at the CIA/Mafia connection on the assassination of JFK and the thwarted plot to kill Castro. Very eye-opening. I highly recommend all three.

NFL playoffs are set to commence. A few comments. No one in the AFC can stop the Patriots, not even Peyton. I see an early exit for the Falcons.  Seattle looks tough…oh…wait a sec…they’re playing RGIII and the Racialslurs. They’re out. The tournament looks rather boring actually.

LOCKED AND LOADED LYRICS TO CHEW ON: “The first time that I got it I was just ten years old. I got it from some kitty next door. I went to see the doctor and he gave me the cure. I think I got it some more”. Total classic. (extra points if you can tell me the meaning).

Good to see that Mark Cuban’s secret plan of “not signing Deron Williams” is working out so well. Don’t look now, but it seems ping-pong balls are in the Mavs immediate future.

95% of college football bowl games are a ridiculous buzz-kill. The season ramps up all year to the last weekend in November. Then they throw the brakes on and extinguish all momentum. I see the new four  team playoff as a start, but much work and reverse thinking necessary.

TRIVIA ANSWER. Hold on to yourself. Turning the Big 5-0 in 2013…Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp (both can still land quality young trim), Metallica front-man James Hetfield, Wayne/Austin Powers Mike Myers, Phoebe Cates and her ‘go to town on yourself’ red bikini and a couple of dudes that could play roundball…Mike Jordan and Chuck Barkley. As a member of the fifty club I say welcome, and yes, it sucks getting old.

SHAMELESS NOTE: I’m now in the fashion biz. I have a new line of apparel, ‘Greggo Gear’. It can be ordered on my Facebook page. It’s good stuff. No T-Shirt collection is complete without it.

As always my practice, please email me your thoughts, suggestions, questions or just whatever. My email is greggoTCU@aol.com. I read all, and will eventually answer all.

Until the cow eats the cabbage…you’re all dismissed. Class over.