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10. RG3 deteriorated – deliciously, I might add – into RGKnee.

9. Robert Griffin is blessed with the NFL’s 2nd-leading rusher in Alfred Morris. Russell Wilson is blessed with Pro Bowl offensive linemen Russell Okung and Max Unger and the NFL’s No. 1 defense. Andrew Luck? His team’s running game was 22nd and the Colts’ defense No. 26. He somehow coaxed his team to 11 wins and a playoff berth with no real star support and, remember, his team won a whopping 2 games last season. No doubt Luck is the Rookie of the Year. Because he did more with less.

8. For all you that cherish Joe Flacco over Tony Romo, take note. The Ravens’ quarterback won a playoff game Sunday by completing 12 passes. How? His defense forced 2 turnovers and held the opponent without a touchdown, and his team rushed for 172 yards. How many times has Romo completed as few as 12 passes in a game he’s started since 2006? 0. That’s right, 0 in 97 games. His fewest completions this season was 19 at Philly. Romo makes more mistakes, because he’s asked to make way more plays for his team.

7. Nice field, Redskins. Painted dirt for a playoff game? Daniel Snyder and Roger Goodell should be ashamed.

6. Texans’ running back Arian Foster is a vegan with an irregular heartbeat. Weird.

5. Is it just me or is this the greatest TV commercial of 2013? The AT&T guy’s delivery to the multi-tasking kid is mad genius!

4. Raise your hand if you went 4-0 on NFL picks this weekend. Mine’s up.

3. So grading him on the Romo curve, is it fair to knee-jerk generalize that RG3 is a choker who botches snaps in key situations and just can’t win the big one? Yes, I think it is.

2. First Tim Tebow. Now Johnny Manziel. Both great college players. But come on America, don’t be so football gullible. To succeed in the NFL you have to be first and foremost an accurate passer. Neither is, or will be.

1. Were you as nauseated by Ray Lewis’ last dance as I was? First of all, his pre-game show was downright silly. I mean, with all the smoke and fire and Nelly’s “Hot in Herre” and the plot of grass for some kind of perverted prop, it had the feel of Broadway musical meets Dancing With The Stars meets pro rasslin’. And the encore at the end? While you were slobbering over admittedly a great linebacker, here’s hoping you weren’t one of those tricked into calling him a great man. Great men – in my humble opinion – don’t get charged with double murder and then plea down to obstruction of justice in exchange for ratting out 2 friends. Need a reminder of what went down in 2000? Enjoy.

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