NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) — Celebrities spend their lives posing for photos. So they know how to accentuate their best features on camera.

And you can strike the perfect pose too for a profile pic or a party shot.

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Kelly Williams is a Dallas-based photographer with more than 20 years of experience. She revealed her secrets for always looking slim-ly terrific in your photos.

Secret #1 – keep your arms away from your body.

She says that will instantly make your arms look thinner and more toned. Kim Kardashian, Reese Witherspoon and Angelina Jolie will stand with both their hands on their hips to create angles.

Another problem area many women try to hid: hips.

Secret #2 – keep your hips back to make them look smaller.

Williams says take a step back and put all your weight on your back leg. She says to remember whatever is closest to the camera will appear the biggest so you want your hips back.

Secret #3 – minimize the look of a double chin by leading with your forehead.

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Williams says most people make the mistake of looking up to get rid of their chicken neck when they actually need to bring their face down and lead with their forehead to the camera.

Secret #4 – angles, angles, angles!

“Instead of all the lines being straight and your hips being straight and your shoulders being straight,” says Williams. “You really want to create as many angles as you can. So you want your hips off center. You want your shoulders off center. You want your head tilted.”
Take a page from Beyonce’s and Angelina’s book of posing and stick one leg forward to give your body some shape.

Finally, secret #5 – whittle your waist in just one move.

Williams says you can make your waist look smaller simply by putting your hands at the smallest part of your waist and squeezing in.

Now take the secrets and strike a pose!

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