NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Pilots won’t lose work, will get to fly the same planes and will keep their seniority. They are among the key terms released Tuesday in a memorandum that the pilots unions of American Airlines and US Airways agreed to in case of a merger.

The agreement is an important step to a potential merger, smoothing out costs and the process of merging the two groups of pilots. Both groups would work under the new contract American pilots agreed to in 2012, which the Allied Pilots Association says could now be worth an additional $87 million to pilots each year.

The Wall Street Journal reported new details of the merger talks Tuesday. The paper said US Air originally proposed a merger in a letter in April, with the company controlling just over 50-percent of the new airlines. The Journal says the new proposal being discussed has American creditors holding 70-percent of the new company, but US Air CEO Doug Parker would be in charge.

There will not be a new labor union that the new company will have to negotiate with. Passenger service agents narrowly voted down an effort to be represented by the Communication Workers of American. The effort failed by 150 votes. American said it was pleased workers voted to remain independent.

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