By Brian New

PLANO (CBS 11 NEWS) – When two-year-old Izzy Mize came down with the flu last week, her mother Kate could not take her to her normal daycare. Sick children are not allowed.

Her husband, who’s in the military, was out of town and she works full-time.

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It’s an issue that plagues many parents. What to do with your sick child when you have to be at work?

“I only have so much time off,” said the McKinney mother.

So this working mother brought her daughter to KidMed in Plano – a daycare for sick children, affiliated with Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. There’s also a similar sick daycare called Sniffles and Snuggles at Medical City.

(credit: CBS 11 News)

(credit: CBS 11 News)

“Most working parents see it as a life saver,” said KidMed Director Amy Lawson.

For the most part, KidMed looks like any other daycare, except the staff wears gloves to limit the spreading of germs and the rooms are divided by ages and illnesses.

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“We can basically have a flu room,” said Lawson. “Those are the symptoms we are seeing a lot of now.”

Due to the unpredictability of business, rates at sick daycares are usually higher. KidMed charges $93 for a full day.

For Mize, she said, it was worth it.

“My big thing is, I don’t want to spread it to anybody else,” she said.

After a week at KidMed, Izzy was back to her healthy self. She’s over the flu and did it without her parents missing a day of work.

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