ARLINGTON (CBSDFW.COM) – Lamar High School in Arlington went on lockdown Tuesday after rumors spread about someone having a gun on campus. No gun was found. But anxious parents were thinking the same thing as some Texas lawmakers.

“If the state would let the coaches take the classes and carry guns and keep them I think that would be less of a threat of people going into the school,” said Gary Mullins who’s son is a senior at Lamar.

Texas Tactical, a Weatherford training center specializing in combat-style tactics, says its ready to start training teachers now and the first course is free of charge to educators. The center normally hosts law enforcement and security personnel. Now, Texas Tactical wants to give teachers a head start on what could soon be state-required, specialized training for teachers to carry weapons.

“That’s a very dynamic, changing environment with the amount of students, the sheer number of people, the chaos and ensuing people running around you have to have the conscious decision and the comfort level to engage that threat if you needed to,” said Gary Fitzgerald, and instructor at Texas Tactical.

The company’s co-owner and CEO, Kate Taylor, is a former teacher and knows how controversial the idea of armed teachers and faculty members is.

“I really understand where teachers are coming from, and administrators,” Taylor said. “You want to have a warm, educational experience but there really are some security threats that need to be addressed in school.”

Until the state decides the issue, Texas Tactical says school is open for teachers to begin learning the basics for carrying a weapon to school.

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