FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) – The red letters of No Parking signs can be found by the dozens in Fort Worth’s Arlington Heights neighborhood.

But as thousands of people descend on Cowtown for the Stock Show over the next few weeks, homeowners near the Will Rogers Memorial Center cringe.  “We are blocked in for hours sometimes and we can’t do anything,” says Sylvia Mendoza, who has lived near Will Rogers  for decades “I’ve had to call police several times.”

The Mendoza’s say the traffic and cars blocking their drive way is so bad that they’ve had to come up with different ways to get their cars out.  “We backed up – ran over this grass – backed up again until we were able to get out,” Sylvia said about one time where they were blocked in for hours.

The city put up the no parking signs, but homeowners say they’ve noticed the signs are being vandalized.  “They’ll pull up the signs so they can park,” says Joe Mendoza “It’s very frustrating.”

Parking at Will Rogers Center costs $8.  There has been some new parking spaces added, but people are still crossing the street and parking in the neighborhood for free.

“I park here because I’m cheap,” says Jay Bond, who saw the signs but found a way around them, “The signs stop right up there (pointing to the hill) I’m behind the signs.”

Sylvia Mendoza worries about emergencies, “What if I have an emergency?  Because I have grandchildren, and what if something happened to them? What am I going to do, just hit them?”

On a busy weekend some homeowners have even parked on the street just so they’re not stuck.

The Fort Worth Police Department says towing is enforced especially on the weekends.  Over the next few weekends officers will be keeping an close eye on people parking here and walking across the street to the Stock Show.

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