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10. I’m calling B.S. on CBS’ Phil Simms. And, for that matter, the 49ers. With two weeks to prepare for the Super Bowl, San Francisco lined up in an illegal formation on the game’s first play. Said Simms after referee Jerome Boger explained the penalty: “I could see it when they came out … I’m up here in the booth saying that’s an illegal formation.” No, Phil, you weren’t. You didn’t say a peep before the snap.

9. And just think, the GoDaddy commercial where Bar Rafaeli mouth assaults the 13-year-old geek took 65 takes. No kidding.

8. For the 17th consecutive Super Bowl the Cowboys weren’t on the field as a team. But they were represented. Jason Witten won the Payton Award and Larry Allen was voted in the Hall of Fame. And, come to think of it, wasn’t last night’s game eerily similar to the Cowboys’ loss to the Ravens in Baltimore on Oct. 14? Dallas allowed a 108-yard kickoff return to Jacoby Jones, missed a crucial 2-point conversion and lost 31-29. San Francisco did all of the above and lost, 34-31.

7. Joe Flacco was good. Deserving of the MVP. But sometimes he just throws the ball up and Anquan Boldin goes and gets it. And, it’s easy to be efficient when you are only pressured eight times in 35 dropbacks.

6. Ray Lewis sat down with CBS’ Shannon Sharpe for a taped interview aired during the pre-game show. Lewis, of course, was initially charged with double murder in 2000 and later pled to obstruction of justice for lying to police in the case. Asked what he’d like to tell the families of the two men murdered in Atlanta, Lewis said “God has never made a mistake … to the family, if you knew, if you really knew, the way God works, he don’t use people who commits anything like that for his glory. No way. It’s the total opposite.” Celebrate him if you want.

5. If they were clever, the Tide commercial featuring a Joe Montana stain would’ve called it “The Ketch-up.”

4. Not that it was the defining moment in a game of 10+ significant plays, but how is that not holding – and maybe even pass interference – on Baltimore’s Jimmy Smith? On 4th-and-goal, the ball was snapped at the 5 and a good two yards in the end zone Smith had two handfuls of Michael Crabtree’s jersey. I really didn’t care who won the game, but to me that should’ve been 1st-and-goal for San Francisco at the 1.

3. Wait, so according to Paul Harvey – Adam was a farmer?

2. As for the 35-minute power outage: Somewhere Tim Brown was blaming Bill Callahan for sabotaging the Super Bowl’s power grid … Didn’t the brownout happen shortly after a commercial for Scientology? … And, if Dubya Bush and FEMA’s “Good job, Brownie” were still in charge, power wouldn’t be restored to New Orleans for another five days.

1. From Deer Antler Spray to Beyonce’s perfection to the power outage to a controversial no-call on San Francisco’s final offensive play of a 3-point loss, we’ll remember Super Bowl 47 for a long time. It was the longest Super Bowl game in history (4:14), and also the highest-rated on TV with a rating of 48.1.

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