DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – A teenage girl, selling candy for a school fundraiser in Southeast Dallas, was held up at gunpoint Monday.

Though she returned to school Tuesday, 13-year-old still seems traumatized by it.

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It happened around 5:30 p.m. There was still daylight. But she doesn’t remember much about the gun, only that she was held up.

“He was choking me and putting a gun on me,” said Yesenia Ramirez.

Ramirez, who plays a clarinet in the band at the Pearl C. Andersen Learning Center, said she was going door to door, selling candy to raise money for band members who won’t be able to afford a trip to Six Flags during spring break.

While she and a friend were at the Southdale Apartments on Dixon Avenue, a group of boys approached her. One of them came up from behind and locked her in a choke hold. Then, he put a gun to her neck.

“He said give me your chocolates,” she said.

Ramirez remembers the boy telling her the gun was real. When he released her and walked away he told her the gun wasn’t real after all and that he was only joking.

Ramirez didn’t believe him. She started to cry.

“No. Because, he really choked me hard. I couldn’t breathe,” she said.

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Ramirez said there were about eight boys in all. She recognized most of them as seventh graders from school.

They didn’t get any money. But they stole her cell phone from her friend’s back pocket.

Police are investigating after her father reported the incident at the school and filed a police report.

Through a relative translating for him, Juan Carlos Hernandez said he believes the boys targeted his daughter.

“Because she has, all week, been selling candy. They though she had the money with her. And they wanted the money, especially from her,”

He said the fact that the boys were so young shows one thing the girl’s father said. “They don’t show them what’s good and what’s wrong.”

Since the incident happened off school property, DISD is letting the Dallas Police Department handle it. Once police are through, the school will take the appropriate action.

Police say they are investigating the case as a robbery. They won’t say much else because juveniles are involved.

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