By Andrea Lucia

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – It’s ice skating, minus the ice.

A plan to add an ice skating rink to Klyde Warren park in Dallas during winter months would have youth learning to glide on synthetic ice.

Snapping together like a puzzle, pieces of fake ice, called SuperGlide, form a slick surface, that won’t melt in the heat.

It’s helped bring ice rinks to Mexico, and soon it could help build one right here in downtown Dallas.

“We’ve been looking for attractions for people when it’s cold,” said Jody Grant, chairman of the Woodall Rodgers Park Foundation.

Skating on something other than ice is an idea that park visitors say they would have to get used to.

“It’s kind of weird. I’d have to try out to know whether I liked it or not,” said Lauren Singh.

The fake ice is more portable than the real thing, and much less expensive to maintain.

UNT professor Witold Brostow, says, if the science behind it is right, then it should feel just like sliding on ice.

“They had to work at it until they got the friction if not identical, equal to what skaters are used to,” he said.

You can check out videos on YouTube posted by manufacturer, Global Synthetic Ice.

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