IRVING (CBS 11 NEWS) – North Texas doctors and sleep experts say more and more teens are in search of sleeping pills.

Instead, one sleep expert says teens should be worried about shutting down their phones, laptops and tablets.

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“Facebook alerts going off in the middle of the night.  They’ll wake you up even though you are sleeping, your ears are still listening,” says Chris Gaman with Boardwalk Diagnostics Sleep Center in Irving.

Ryan Lucca, 17, understands that, “If I get in bed at 11 (p.m.)  I will (be) on my phone till like 3 or 4 (a.m.).”

Lucca says she only gets four to five hours of sleep a night and has trouble shutting down at bed time.

“I’m just constantly fighting with myself to go to sleep,” says Lucca. “I just constantly wake myself up and check my phone even if it doesn’t ring I’ll check it.”

She also says she’s even dozed off behind the wheel.

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Gaman says Lucca is among a group of teens dealing with lack of sleep.

“It does concern me because these people they can be endangering themselves,” he says.

Gaman says instead of prescribing anything, he suggests turning off everything like the phone, laptop, and iPad.

“It can be very frustrating when a patient doesn’t realize that these little things they are doing are keeping them awake and they think medication is going to be the answer, when it’s not,” says Gaman.

He says it will take a few days, but you can train your body to fall asleep quicker by turning off everything and just focusing on sleep.

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