HIGHLAND PARK (CBSDFW.COM) – It was déjà vu, day two. Highland Park High School had to evacuate students for the second day in a row because of a security threat.  But now, University Park Police has enlisted the help of the FBI.

There have now been five threats at the school in the past two months , including a bomb threat the day before that sparked a campus-wide evacuation.

Wednesday, someone found a handful of .22 caliber bullets in a boy’s bathroom at the school. This was a different bathroom from the one in which four previous bomb threat notes were found.

Finding bullets was a lot more alarming to people.

“Because now it’s ammunition and because of what you have going on throughout the country,” a parent explained.

The bullets were discovered around 10:30 and the school resource officer was notified. Half an hour later, the school was on lockdown. Evacuations started around noon.

Madison Plott, a student at the school, said, “In the middle of third period, we all went on lockdown. So, we realized it was a serious thing. We all went into a little closet and sat there for an hour and a half, two hours.”

Some students took cell phone video of themselves joking about the lockdown. “Hey! It’s 11:44 and we’re still alive,” they laughed.

With the heightened threat, parents wanted to make sure their kids were safe.

“I’d rather them miss school and be safe than to force them to stay. I think it’s fine,” Michelle Bardwell said.

As for the growing number of threats at the school, another parent was stunned. “Disbelief it’s still occurring and they haven’t been able to apprehend whoever it is that has been dropping off these notes.”

“I think it’s been a hoax to tell you the truth. I think some kid carried it too far,” Michelle Bardwell said.

The school is monitoring students as they walk in and out of the bathrooms with surveillance video. Some were questioned.

School will be in session Thursday.  Any student who has to go to the bathroom during class will be escorted.

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