DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Five Dallas police officers have been fired after facing disciplinary hearings.  Two of those officers are also facing criminal charges for allegedly repeatedly entering false information on arrest reports, giving false testimony in court and entering a home without permission.  Former officers Randolph Allen Dillon and Jon Llewellyn are charged with Tampering with Evidence and Aggravated Perjury.  The third degree felony charges carry a possibility of two to ten years in prison and a fine up to $10,000.  The Dallas County District Attorney’s office says it will dismiss 60 drug cases directly linked to these officers. Additional cases involving these officers will be reviewed by the Public Integrity Division.  Both officers were hired in April 2009 and assigned to the Southwest Division.

Dallas Police Chief David Brown terminated three other officers for various infractions including public intoxication, criminal trespass and abuse of city equipment.

  • Officer Richard Adams was terminated for two incidents.  Internal Affairs concluded that in October 2011, Adams refused to leave a private club at the request of management after a verbal and physical altercation with another club goer.  According to police, Adams was involved in multiple physical altercations that evening with fellow customers and off duty police officers.  In February 2012, Adams was given a Criminal Trespass warning when he was told to leave the property and tried to return in a separate entrance.  Adams was hired in March 2009 and was assigned to the South Central Division.
  • Officer Joshua Vaughan is accused of using a city equipment for personal reasons between June 2011 and March 2012.  DPD also concluded that Vaughan allowed a wanted individual to stay with him before and after that person was arrested for a felony charge.  Vaughan was hired in November 2009 and was assigned to the North Central Division.
  • Officer Lawrence Jamme failed three alcohol breath tests in June 2012 when he reported to the pistol range for his qualification tests.  Police say he was also arrested in July 2012 for public intoxication in Pantego and involved in an accident in May 2012 after he had been drinking, which he failed to report.  Jamme was hired in January 2009 and was assigned to the Central Division.

An additional two officers were suspended, including Lt. Regina Smith, the widow of a slain officer, who produced a hip-hop website featuring provocative video, photos and comments.  She received a five day suspension handed down by Assistant Chief Cynthia S. Villarreal.

However, Smith’s attorney, Chris Livingston, is criticizing Dallas Police Chief David Brown for tweets he sent out prior to the disciplinary hearings.

Friday morning, Chief Brown tweeted he had a tough day ahead and was “not looking forward to the decisions I will have to make on some officers careers.”  He sent out a second tweet requesting songs about the blues.

Livingston says Chief Brown was referring to all the disciplinary hearings for the seven officers and suggests the tweets indicated the Chief already had his mind made up.

“He basically said he was going to terminate them. He had already made his decision, without even hearing from those officers. That’s completely unprofessional,” said Livingston.  “It was dismissive and basically flippant the way that he was basically dealing with the lives of these officers.”

Officer Sonya Killebrew was also suspended for allegedly hitting her child with a laptop computer cord leaving marks on his arms and legs.  She failed to alert DPD that she was the subject of an Emergency Protective Order was issued on behalf of the child as a result of those injuries.  Her suspension will be 30 days.

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