CRANDALL (CBS 11 NEWS) – Pieces of paper smaller than post it notes and stapled together are filled with stories.

They are stories Conner Hill, 11, from Crandall has written over the last several months.

Restaurant Mishap,” is his latest creation. He came up with it right before bedtime one night.

“It’s about a little boy, and he goes to a fancy restaurant,” says Conner Hill. “He doesn’t dress right. He gets food all over his clothes. He can’t pronounce anything there.”

The fifth grader has been writing for years.

“I had noticed him cutting these papers,” says Conner’s mom Amy Hill. “He had formed them into little books and he decided he was going to sell them at school to his friends.”

He never had to do that. Instead, he had the chance to meet with two partners from Aero Studios – a publishing studio – in Dallas.

(credit: CBS 11 News)

(credit: CBS 11 News)

“He handed me this stubby story book, “Restaurant Mishap.” Asked me to read it,” says Aero Studios Lead Writer and Owner Kevin McGill. “When I started reading this I thought, ‘This kid is gifted he’s a good story teller.’”

McGill and his partner Carlyle McCullough were working on an illustration for another book using Conner’s brother as a model, when they met the young entrepreneur and he gave them his book.

“It was just this little book, and I was like ‘I remember doing stuff like that when I was a kid. This is awesome,’” says McCullough. “Reading through what he had written in the book, he already had a sense for story telling that kind of jumped up and ‘Yeah we can turn this into something.’”

McCullough used his iPad to illustrate it and McGill published the book, now sold on Amazon. The two didn’t charge him a cent.

“I wanted to explode with joy and die and go to heaven. It was really – really amazing!” says Conner smiling big.

He’s already got an idea for his next book.

“I don’t want to give too much away – little boys don’t like going shopping very much. That’s all I’m going to say.”

Conner’s sold more than a dozen books so far. “Restaurant Mishap” costs $7.99 on Amazon. Conner gets $1-$3 for each book sold.

He’s saving the money for college and his mom says his dreams are now endless, “I feel like my son doesn’t feel like there are any limits to what he can do.”

Conner is expected to have a book signing at school in the next few weeks.

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