DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas ISD Police exchanged bullets inside the abandoned Hulcy Middle School, Tuesday night, during an active shooter drill.

The bullets were filled with paint, but the scenarios were designed to feel real.

Officers took turns confronting a gunman, a suicidal teacher, and an angry parent.

“I think in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting, a lot of things have changed in our nation,” said Dallas ISD Chief Craig Miller.

“The greatest value is – we learn from our mistakes.”

Supervising officers looked for teachable moments, questioning officers on how they reacted and why.

“That’s what this whole night’s about – just trying to get guys to determine why do they make the decisions they make and are those the best decisions for them to make,” Miller said.

Miller said he hopes to make the training a regular event, so officers can prepare for life or death situations.

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