DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – Crisis counselors were sent to Mt. Auburn Elementary School in east Dallas Friday morning.  The group of counselors were available to meet with children, after a student died after choking on food while eating a school lunch.

Four year old Manny Ramirez was a pre-kindergarten student at the school.

Cafeteria workers responded to the child’s choking. The school’s nurse administered abdominal thrusts to dislodge food stuck in the boy’s air pathway. Ramirez collapsed. District officials said CPR was performed until a Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedic team arrived.

“The staff responded immediately,” Suzanne Kubelka, DISD Director of Health Services said today.

Kubelka oversees all school nurse duties and health emergency training for the school district.  A number of campus staffers are required to receive CPR training.

Kubelka said Ramirez’ distress was an evident case of choking on food, and staffers did their best.

“She (nurse) did thrusts for the child. CPR began to follow after that.  DISD Superintendent Mike Miles issued a public statement of condolence after the child’s death.

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