MCKINNEY (CBSDFW.COM) – A Plano woman has been convicted of stabbing her ex-husband in the back.

According to Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis, Julia Decatur-Schrader, 40, of Plano, was sentenced to serve eight years in prison for stabbing her ex-husband Scott Schrader.

Police say Decatur-Schrader attacked her ex from behind after she had become angry with him. She had been living with him upon relocating back to Texas.

Schrader says he asked her to leave the residence and that’s when she became violent.

Also damaging to her case was that she unwittingly recorded the whole crime on her cell phone while the attack took place. Police say she left her phone near the crime scene, helping their case against her.

After they were able to get a warrant for the phone, Prosecutors played the recording for the jury so it could hear in real-time exactly how the crime happened.

As for Schrader, he was taken to Medical Center of Plano and treated for the stab wound.

The jury returned a guilty verdict of guilty on Friday for the aggravated assault. The sentencing was heard on the same day and on Friday evening the jury returned a verdict of eight years in prison.

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