(credit: Dallas County Sheriff's Department)

(credit: Dallas County Sheriff’s Department)

LAKE HIGHLANDS (CBSDFW.COM) — Dallas Police arrested a suspect on Tuesday who confessed to a string of sexual assaults in the Lake Highlands area of Dallas. Now, they have DNA confirmation that they have the right man.

Police confirmed that a sample of DNA collected from Cesar Benitez, 30, matches the DNA evidence collected from sexual assaults that occurred on February 22, March 15 and March 19.

Police had previously confirmed that Benitez’ palm print matched one taken from the crime scene of the March 15 sexual assault.

Benitez was first suspected in the crimes after police received an anonymous CrimeStoppers tip last week indicating Benitez matched the description of the serial rapist. When police attempted to pull him over on Tuesday in North Dallas, Benitez pulled into a parking lot and attempted to flee on foot.

Once apprehended, Benitez confessed to all three sexual assaults and voluntarily provided a DNA sample.

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