By Ken Foote, CBSDFW.COM

Last Wednesday evening, my wife and I were having dinner in Dallas close to where I grew up. We had been over to see my Mom for a few minutes but decided to grab a bite before heading home to Fort Worth. As we were leaving, I ran into one of my old TV station bosses from the market. It had been eight years since we had seen her as well as her husband. We had a great visit and got caught up. One of her all time favorites phrases at work was, “Now what did we learn from this, class?” a phrase reserved for situations where we were reminded that we weren’t on our game. So that’s my theme this week: what I have learned from blogging, class!

This blog started on February 3, 2012, ironically which is my parents’ wedding anniversary. I have had a Facebook page since 2007 when I dropped My Space. Over the past 13 months doing a blog for, I have learned four things:

  1. Emily Post is still alive and well. In spite of the fact that letter writing has pretty much faded away with the Internet, email, and texting, good manners and etiquette never go out of style — and that applies to blogging and social media. We have an Emily Post book of Etiquette at home and now there is one for use in a digital world. Probably need to pick up a new copy but I was raised to be a gentleman at all times. No exceptions. And I treat my readers as ladies and gentlemen, even if that demeanor is not reciprocated!
  2. You never know for sure what will interest people. If judging the success of a blog is the number of “likes” you get, then the most recent one on CBS Radio’s 103.7 Lite FM rates number 1. Since my blog is more of an “eyewitness to history”, if you don’t care for history, you may not care to take a minute to read. But I have been incredibly blessed to have witnessed so much history in the making in my career. History repeats itself, so keep that in mind!
  3. You cannot please all people all the time. Since anyone in the world who has internet access can see our webpage, at any given time someone is not going to like your blog or even care about it. When comedian Jack Benny did his first radio show on the NBC Radio Network in the 1930’s, he opened with the comment, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen, this is Jack Benny speaking. There will be a slight pause now while you think to yourself, ‘Who cares!’”. I heard from one person who will remain anonymous about the Lite FM blog that not only corrected me on a couple of things (which we fixed those), but also let it be known that I should have mentioned them in the blog. Well, as Gomer Pyle would say, “Golllllly!”
  4. Blogging for is a privilege, not a right. I am the only non on-air person that has been asked to write a blog for our website. I have done some on-air work on radio and TV over 40 years (I used to do on the air news updates on KXTX Channel 39 in the 80’s) but don’t have the visibility that my fellow bloggers have, simply because the majority of my career has been on the management side. So being able to blog for our website is never to be taken for granted at any time.

We appreciate all of our TV viewers, radio listeners, and website visitors, and thanks to all of you who take time from your day to read my blog. See you next time.

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