(credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

(credit: Timothy A. Clary/AFP/Getty Images)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – How about spending day without shoes? That’s the plan tomorrow — April 16th.

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Blake Mycoskie is the founder of TOMS Shoes and for six years he has asked people around the world to strike out in their bare feet and go One Day Without Shoes to help bring global awareness to children’s health and education. “Tomorrow we’re asking you and the rest of the world to go barefoot for the day, to help raise awareness for the millions of children around the world who go barefoot everyday, but without a choice.”

The idea behind TOMS Shoes is unique, but organizers say Tuesday’s initiative is even easier to accomplish. Mycoski explained the business model for TOMS. “For every pair of shoes that we sell, we’d give a pair to a child in need – one-for-one. That simple model has grown into helping people in many different ways, all over the world.”

Mycoski went on to detail how participating in the One Day Without Shoes event is even easier than making a purchase/gift. “We’re not asking you to buy a pair of shoes, we’re saying simply, ‘take yours off.’ So companies can get involved, schools can get involved, all different associations and community groups.”

While walking into your office, school or place of business without shoes on may be odd; Mycoskie believes most front offices will get into the spirit of things. “Once your boss or your principal realizes that this really is for a good cause usually they’re pretty lackadaisical about allowing you to at least go barefoot or with a pair of socks on for the day.”

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According to the TOMS website, studies show that children affected by hookworm, a soil- transmitted parasite that affects 740 million people worldwide, are 20-percent less likely to go to school and earn 40-percent less in adult life.

Going barefoot for a day could also help people take time to think of those less fortunate, realize a sense of community in their helping and know that their first world problems could be worse. “It really is a way to bond together to have a day to recognize how grateful we all are and how we can help others in need,” Mycoskie said.

Click here to find out more about the barefoot challenge on the One Day Without Shoes website. Participants are even eking encouraged to post pictures of their bare feet to show their support for the cause.

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