By Jeff Ray

Severe Tstorm Watch

Severe weather is expected in the Hill Country and south  tonight. This weather will stay out of the north Texas.

A cold front sweep through the metro area this morning. Temperatures dropped to the low 60’s as winds turned to the northwest and recovered to the low 70’s with limited sunshine.

We expect lows tonight to reach down into the mid-50’s as skies continue to clear. We won’t have much wind with it out of the northeast around 5 mph.

NTX Tonight Lows

Lots of sunshine tomorrow teamed with a southeast wind should get highs into the 80’s, the warmest day in the last ten.

NTX Tomorrows Highs

This is going to start the warmest stretch of weather so far this year. Afternoon highs will reach to the 80’s every day until Wednesday (May 1st):

Temp Trend

I’m sure you notice Thursday’s forecast of 58 degrees. We have yet another strong cold front to arrive into north Texas. This has been the theme to Spring so far: short in rain (and thankfully severe weather) and long in cold. The average high so far this month is 72.8 degrees. Just two years ago the average April high was 82.3 degrees. We have yet to have an afternoon high hit 90 degrees this year, the last time that happened at DFW was 212 days ago.

The cold front will bring dropping temperatures and rain chances. Compare the late day temperature of 80 degrees on Wednesday with the afternoon temperature the next day:



The best rain chances look to be on Wednesday night and Thursday morning:


The start of May looks to be a continuation of cool weather despite the slight warming trend ahead. A cut-off low in the midwest will funnel cold air into the central plains and Texas.

500mb Energy1

500mb Energy2

Highs at the end of the week and into the weekend will be below normal: