DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) – In just a few days, Fair Park will come alive with a brand new destination.  The State Fair of Texas will debut its “Summer Adventures in Fair Park” this weekend.

It’s been on the planning table since 2007, as the answer to what to do with the massive space left behind when the “State Fair of Texas” is not in session.

One price will cover access to play pools, fountains, museums, street shows, and of course, thrill rides. Buy a passport at the gate, and you’ll be on your way to a full day of fun at “Summer Adventures in Fair Park.”

“The Texas Star, Skyway.  We have Winstorm roller coaster, the BMX bike show,” says Summer Adventures spokesperson Sally Worme.

The pay-one-price admission includes 50 rides, shows and attractions.  That means kids can see slithery sea creatures in the children’s aquarium and butterflies in the Texas discovery gardens.  The whole family can stay cool under endless shade structures; play pools, pop-up geysers and a new water ride called Flow Rider.

“It’s a surging riding machine where you can ride on boogie boards and get wet and enjoy summertime here in Texas,” explains Worme.

The focal point of the 277-acre historic park is the newly completed Top o’ Texas Tower ride. The 12 million dollar project stands 500-feet high and takes riders on a four-and-a-half minute ride up to the top for an awesome view of the metroplex.

Of course, your day’s not complete until you take a ride on the Texas State Ferris Wheel, lighting up the evening sky starting this Sunday night.

Admission to “Summer Adventures in Fair Park” costs $25 for kids and $30 for adults.  It officially opens Saturday, May 4 for weekends in May, including Memorial Day. It’s then open daily from June 7-August 18.

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