(credit: Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles)

(credit: Texas Dept. of Motor Vehicles)

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) – A bill introduced at the state capitol could boost the cost of your annual car registration sticker by about 50-percent.

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According to lawmakers and other state leaders, the gas tax you pay at the pump isn’t providing enough money to build new highways in Texas. “There’s just no free lunch on transportation. There’s no ‘concrete fairy’ out there that shows up and puts all this stuff together for free,” Tarrant County Commissioner Gary Fickes said at a Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition meeting.

House Bill 3664 would increase the vehicle registration fee for passenger vehicles by $30. Proponents say the increased annual sticker fee could pump as much as $1 billion into the state highway fund.

When asked if the additional money would solve the transportation-funding crisis Fickes said, “No. I wouldn’t say so, but it would help. It’s just another stop-gap measure basically, but it would help.”

According to Fickes, the lack of road money is a result of drivers getting better gas mileage and buying less fuel. “The gas tax that comes from the state basically, barely, if it even does cover, the cost of maintenance,” he said.

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This vehicle registration fee hasn’t been raised since the mid-1980s.

Lawmakers say the only other solution to help with the transportation-funding crisis would be to boost the amount of gas taxes paid at the pump, but that idea has received strong opposition from drivers.

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