VAN ZANDT COUNTY (CBSDFW.COM) – Relatives of a Greenville teenager found murdered before Thanksgiving last year, say they’re stunned the girl’s uncle has been arrested for her murder.

For six months, the relatives of Alicia Moore have been waiting for a break in her murder case. But when family member Michael Moore was arrested it left the girl’s aunt, Jessica Byrd, standing in front of her home in disbelief.

“It’s a shock. It’s just overwhelming right now,” Byrd said, adding, “I still… stuff is not adding up to me and so until then, until they can tell me more evidence, I’m just not believing it right now.”

Before reacting to the arrest Byrd took KRLD NewsRadio 1080 reporter L.P. Phillips to the location family members couldn’t get out of their minds. “Right there, where that stop sign is,” said Byrd as she pointed to the spot where the 16-year-old girl was last seen getting off of the school bus. “She went walking down this sidewalk and heading to the house.”

Alicia was last seen on November 2. A road crew in rural Van Zandt County found the girl’s body four days later — her remains had been stuffed inside of a wicker trunk. Sources say it was the extensive forensic testing on that trunk and DNA found on the teen’s body that ultimately led investigators to Michael Moore.

Alicia Moore was last seen alive getting of her bus on Nov. 2 in Greenville. (Credit: Greenville ISD)

Alicia Moore was last seen alive getting of her bus on Nov. 2 in Greenville. (Credit: Greenville ISD)

According to Byrd, the family hasn’t received much information from investigators, except for the arrest notification late Monday night. “They came and delivered the message,” she said.

Alicia’s uncle was arrested in Grand Prairie. Sources say the 57-year-old did not show surprise when he was taken into custody and accused of Capital Murder — but there were some who were taken off guard. Michael Moore lived in Grand Prairie with his father, Paul, who said he had no idea his son was a suspect until more than a dozen police officers came to his house Monday night. “Oh yeah. You have to be surprised when something like this happens.”

For now, Jessica Byrd still isn’t sure what to what to think about the horrible accusation made against Michael Moore. “They always say nine [times] out of ten it’s somebody they [victims] really know. We’ll find out. We’ll let the evidence and the court do they [sic] job.”

Michael Moore was taken into custody on a charge of Capital Murder and remains behind bars in Van Zandt County. His bond is set at $10 million.

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