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DALLAS (105.3 THE FAN) – Mark Cuban is calling his approach to designing new uniforms for his Dallas Mavericks “crowd-sourcing.’’

Ultimately, of course, a fan getting to be involved in the NBA fashion world will be trying to come up with something “crowd-pleasing,’’ as well.

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The Mavs owner announced Monday a “re-do’’ of the club’s uniforms for the 2015-16 campaign. Dallas has been innovative in this area before. (Remember the greyish “Hefty-Bag’’ uniforms quickly discarded in 2003? And the P-Diddy influence after that in the all-green unis?)

“The Mavs are going to re-do our uniforms for the 2015-16 season,’’ Cuban writes on his blog, “if we get a unique and original design. What’s the best way to come up with creative ideas? You ask for them. So we are going to crowd-source the design and colors of our uniforms. You know what an NBA uniform looks like. You know what the Mavs colors are for today and the past. We want some new ideas that stay true to our logo and at least close to our current color schemes. Show us what you got!’’

It was in the 2001-02 campaign, Mark Cuban’s second full season as owner, when Dallas dumped the green from the uniforms and fully employed multiple logos. It seems the logos are staying. But what is coming? More shades of blue? A touch of silver? Back to the old-school green? Zany lettering? Minimalist stuff? Artsy stuff?

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“Steve Jobs said “everything is a remix,” wrote Cuban, inviting fans to post the ideas on his BlogMaverick. “Uniforms probably more so than even technology. So we want every post to inspire other ideas and posts.’’

Cuban says there will be no compensation promised for the winning design though he “may even throw in some tickets.’’

It’s not a “contest’’ in the sense that there may be a one-man judge and jury as to the winner. But it’s certainly a chance for a designer to gain fame (if not fortune). And it’s a chance for Dallas’ uniforms to break from the mundane … or to revert to the traditional … all along with Cuban in charge – while hoping we recognize the wishes of the crowd and avoid going full-Hefty-Bag.

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