GRANBURY (CBS 11) – People who escaped alive from the Hood County subdivision where six people died in a tornado, will go back for the first time Saturday morning. Even those who left with their house still standing, aren’t entirely sure how much is left.

Patricia Barron was one of those hoping to go back in Saturday. She and her five kids are splitting time between her sister’s small home in Granbury, and her father’s house outside of town. Her kids are bored. They’re asking for their toys, and when they can go back home. She only has one answer for them.

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“We can’t,” she said. “We just can’t go home.”

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The family lived in a mobile home that she says was still standing when they left. She knew someone’s truck was in their backyard. Returning though could be difficult for a family already struggling with the memory of what happened.

“They’re petrified,” she said of her kids. “They’re not sleeping right. They wake up telling me that they can hear the wind howling; the explosion that we heard.”

Eddie Martin could tell her that returning won’t be any easier. The Colorado resident was sifting through what was left of his grandmother’s home Friday. The tornado picked it up, and tossed it to the ground, while his grandmother, mother and father were inside. Only his other survived.

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“We had planned to do something over the summer,” he said. “We didn’t expect to be doing this.”

Families will be allowed back in at 8 a.m. Only residents with identification, and those helping them will be allowed in.

Sheriff Roger Deeds said Friday that he didn’t want to keep people away from their property any longer than he had to.

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