KAUFMAN (CBS 11 NEWS) – At the Kaufman Healthcare Center nursing home, relatives of one patient are deeply concerned and angry about what they say happened to her.

Relatives want to know how 88 year old Sammie Berry got this huge gash on her forehead that turned much of her face black and blue.

Her great grand-daughter Jessica Berry says, “We’re in shock.  We don’t know what to think.”

She and her grandmother, Louise Berry say they wonder how long the injured woman, who’s wheelchair-bound and has alzheimer’s, was laying there.

They say she was discovered 7:45 Friday morning by her hospice nurse, who called 911.

Louise Berry says paramedics rushed her to the Kaufman Presbyterian Hospital emergency room to see a doctor.  “The description he gave me was that it was like somebody being dropped from six feer or someone taking a hoe and hitting her in the forehead with it with blunt force.”

Jessica Berry says, “Nothing like they told us.  They said it was a little cut. It wasn’t a cut.”

She says her mother-in-law is now in a sleep coma at the hospital.

Relatives say the nursing home administrator told them a door may have hit the woman in the face.

When CBS 11 News I-Team Investigator Jack Fink went to speak with the nursing home administrator, he declined comment.

The Berry’s claim paramedics called police to investigate.

And Kaufman police tell CBS 11 they are conducting an  investigation into what happened.

Louise Berry says, “I’m sad because she didn’t deserve this.”

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