Scott West, KRLD

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) — Forty years ago, Hollywood and a Hong Kong production company wagered $850,000 on a little-known Chinese action star with a unique style of his own, Bruce Lee.

The team came together to produce what would become Tinsletown’s first martial arts film, “Enter the Dragon.”

The film, which is largely set in Hong Kong, follows Lee as he spies on a crime lord while competing in a martial arts tournament.

Lee asked Chuck Norris, the reigning World Karate Champion at the time, to be in the movie.

The gamble paid off.

“Enter the Dragon” grossed over $90 million worldwide and has sold nearly half a million DVDs. And despite the tragic death of Lee a month before the film’s release, his star status was secured.

Warner Bros is releasing a 40th anniversary edition of “Enter the Dragon” on Blu-Ray with lots of extra features on the father of modern martial arts movies.

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