(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

(credit: CBSDFW.COM)

MANSFIELD (CBS 11 NEWS) – The Legacy High School yearbook is filled with memories. It’s won national and state awards, including several this year.

Student Hailey Murin said she was excited to get her copy. “You get your brand new yearbook and everybody is at lunch flipping through it.” But this year the keepsake has a few typos.

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“Oh, spelled Mansfield wrong — and then you look down and population is wrong too,” Murin said, as she looked through the book. “It’s going to be everybody’s memories. It should be spell-checked.”

In the yearbook, Mansfield is actually spelled “Mansfiled” in the school district web address listing. The word population is spelled “polulation.”

Across town at Mansfield High School the yearbook has a few mistakes too. Errors there include incorrect photo captions and mistakes in messages bought by parents of students who were graduating.

“I saw quite a few. They should have at least double checked it once,” points out student Christian Holt. “Spelling is big to me and it’s mass sold to the school. They should have got it correct.”

Students and teachers responsible are poking fun at themselves. They’ve created a website called MANSFILEDISD.ORG. The page says, “Oops our bad!” and goes on to say “we like you, are not perfect.”

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Perhaps in an effort to offer comfort the website says, “Just be glad we don’t print your mistakes, your English papers, your tweets or bad grammar on Facebook.”

No one with the district would talk to CBS 11 News on camera. Spokesperson Richie Escovedo wrote in an email, “There were mistakes with 12 senior ads out of over 90 senior advertisements; an underclassman left the M (Mansfield) HS yearbook editing team (the Senior Ad Editor); the two remaining editors took over those duties and unfortunately, mistakes get through their process.”

Escovedo goes on to say, “The students took responsibility and the campus administration decided to make things right with the families by refunding 100-percent of the costs of those 12 senior ads equating to about $3,000. Additionally, the campus chose to work with the yearbook vendor to print correction stickers, which has become an industry standard procedure for these types of student publication mistakes. It’s an unfortunate situation for all parties involved.”

Journalism teachers and yearbook sponsors oversee the production of the student publications, along with student editors. “In general terms, an amazing amount of effort goes into the information gathering, design, editing, and production of high school yearbooks. As with any print publication, potential for mistakes is always present, but student editors and sponsors attempt to establish processes to minimize problems. With deadlines throughout the year, students put in extra hours before and after school to prepare publications of which they and their classmates can be proud,” Escovedo said.

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