Here’s what we are watching this morning:


Storms fired in Colorado late yesterday and the steering winds still aim at North Texas, but they are still pretty far west of even Wichita Falls (about 230 miles away from us).  By the time they arrive here, it will be after the noon hour and the thinking is they will fall apart.  However, our latest FutureSky Forecast model run keeps the storm cluster together and driving into the Metroplex in time for the drive home.

Below is how our latest FutureSky paints the afternoon forecast picture from 3 PM to 6 PM.  I’m more confident that isolated to scattered storms will fire along the stationary boundary from the Metroplex southward than the larger storm complex coming in from the northwest.  This possible scenario will have to be a closely watched through the day.

NTX FutureCast NTX FutureCast AM1

Today:  mostly sunny to partly cloudy with a 30% chance for afternoon storms.  Highs near 93 for the Metroplex with middle 90s southwest and upper 80s northeast.  Much of North Texas could be rain-cooled into the 70s if the storm complex pans out.